• Construction Management
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Dan Parker -

Construction Manager

Construction Manager – Responsible to provide construction leadership and perform administration and management within a defined scope of services from start of construction through startup and occupancy.  Provides guidance on project-related activities.  May serve as the lead for the Project Delivery Team (PDT), consisting of the Owner, Architect/Engineer and Contractor.  Coordinates with the PDT to further interests of the Owner.  Acts as agent and/or advisor to the Owner.  Responsible for Construction Quality Assurance services providing on-site observation and inspection of materials, structures, equipment, workmanship, methods used and performance by the Contractor to verify that the project is constructed in compliance with the Construction Documents.  Responsible for the interpretation of plans and specifications relating to construction.  Supervises and/or mentors Assistant Construction Manager(s), Inspector(s) and/or other technical or administrative personnel assigned to project.

Dan has twenty Five (25) years’ experience in residential, light commercial, heavy commercial, industrial and civil construction combined, as both a building contractor and an owner’s representative.  Extensive experience concentrated on quality assurance, inspection, means, methods, assemblies, construction sequencing, pay applications and critical path method (CPM) schedule development.  Dan insists on a proactive methodology to managing construction and strives to ensure advanced activity/discipline coordination; Dan’s insisting on thorough pre-installation meetings, being conducted properly and when necessary by the contractors he manages, enables him to forecast accurate short and long-term activity. Attentive to detail, Dan is skillful in interpreting plans, specifications and submittals, and inspection of the work for strict conformance to these documents.