Message from the President

The first half of 2017 has been very busy submitting many responses to request for qualification and proposals. AG|CM was awarded several contracts, Alamo Community College Construction Management IDIQ, The University of Texas Project Management Services, The University of Texas Estimating System Wide, The University of Texas at Austin Estimating just to name a few. 

AG|CM is formalizing a Transportation/Federal Services Division which will be led by Ken Polasek. Current contracts include IDIQ Architect-Engineer Services Construction Phase, Army Corps of Engineers, -Ft. Worth district, estimating teaming member with AECOM for nationwide GSA, teaming member with POND on AFCE DCS-2013, and a host of other estimating opportunities. Currently we are responding to task orders for the Army Corps of Engineers and the AECOM nationwide GSA contracts. Not to be overshadowed, TxDOT is budgeting in excess of $2billion annually for the next several years. AG|CM is leveraging with (JL Powers) our relationships with strategic teaming partners so we can provide our services and bring added value to the team.

AG|CM is returning to the Healthcare sector. You may not know AG|CM has a lengthy resume of past healthcare projects through Ryan Rosborough and his efforts with Christus Spohn System in Corpus Christi. You may also not know that Dan Haupt has extensive experience, having performed in multiple roles in all phases of healthcare projects, both domestic and international. We have aligned Dan and AG|CM’s skillset and experience, with JL Powers, to develop strategic relationships and pursue opportunities in Central Texas. Dan is a member of several professional healthcare associations and recently attended the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management, Health Care Construction (HCC) workshop in June and is actively following up on potential opportunities in this market sector. 

We strive to achieve regional operational consistency. In support of this goal we are in the process of formalizing the AG|CM Drug and Alcohol testing policy to address pre-employment, reasonable cause during employment, and the Paid Time Off policy. It is important to note each of these have been part of the Employee Handbook from the very first publishing; however we have recognized a need to clarify a few items in each one therefore the creation of each policy. We will bring them to a future lunch and learn when ready.

Be sure to have on your calendar the AG|CM Thanksgiving feast November 17th and Christmas Party December 16th both held in Corpus Christi.

As always, I appreciate each and everyone’s efforts as AG|CM continues to be the premier provider of construction consulting services. 

Keep up the great work!

Scott D. Meares – CCM, LEED AP BD+C


Regional Updates


The 2nd Quarter for the Central Texas Region has seen a flurry of activity of late. Our contract for the UT System was finalized during the 2nd Quarter, and UT has already begun reaching out for assistance with positions. These positions can consist of anything from Project/Program Managers, to Inspectors, to Commissioning. With our consultants on this contract, we are able to cover any UT System Facility, Statewide from El Paso to Galveston. We have also landed our first contract with the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) with the City of San Antonio. We have partnered with our friends from BBG Consulting to provide DPCD a full time Residential Inspector on a number of residential units which are being remodeled utilizing State/Federal grant money. Lastly, we won our first ever contract with Alamo Community Colleges this past quarter, to provide staff support services, should they be needed. Congratulation on this big win, as Ken has worked very hard to get us there.

Austin Anderson has started his position at SCUC ISD assisting Mari Zapata (Rose Garden Elementary) and Nick Tuttle (Clemens High School). Stephen Karp has started splitting time between Manor ISD and one of our newest clients, the City of Cedar Park which is working on a new Emergency Admin Buildout . Bob Farmer has been asked to remain at Manor for a longer term than earlier anticipated. Sean Spyres is going strong on his final project at Karnes City ISD (ahead of schedule). Ryan Rosborough is finishing up the Falls City ISD K12 Building and Athletics in the near future, as well as City of Converse projects. Mike Carter continues on COSA Fire Stations #2 and #3218. Wayne Gordon is in the homestretch of the “affordable housing” Parks at Cliff Creek representation in Dallas. And lastly, Dan Haupt is continuing his work at Kenedy ISD and CAPCOG (as well as Pettus ISD) while actively pursuing Health Care Opportunities.

I am also glad to announce that we will be welcoming Charli Valadez to our Central Texas team. Charli will be starting with us in July, and will be assuming Business Development duties as Ken Polasek transitions into a Federal Contracts role with AG|CM.

Lastly, Donald Rutledge has left AG|CM to take an opportunity to get “Back to his roots” as a GC on high rise construction. We appreciate his service to our clients and AG|CM, and certainly wish him all the best.


East Texas has grown leaps and bounds in 3 years and I feel extremely excited to say with confidence we have our core talent that will be the building blocks to our future growth and success in the East Texas Region. We all come from diverse backgrounds from education, experience and business endeavors. But something has brought us together….

By building strategic relationships and pursuing qualified opportunities, the East Texas Region has been able to land several substantial projects that will keep our guys busy for a while. 2017 is booked solid, and we are now looking to raise the bar even higher for 2018. While we will still pursue our traditional markets (municipal, school district, higher ed, etc.), we are beginning to explore more private opportunities. We have been building relationships with a few different developers, and if we are able to pair them with the right opportunity, we might be able to enter that market. Our goal is to bring in more private work to balance out our heavy public workload.

Our current Texas A&M System contract is in full swing and all 7projects in 5 different cities are underway. We have been fortunate to have our Midtown Park contract extended for an additional year, Amos Byington will continue to support the project. In addition, we signed our first Civil Construction Management contract with the City of Pearland; Alex Zetusky will lead the challenge ahead. East Texas has many things to be proud of and we could not do it without all of your hard work, Thank you!

We are also very proud to announce and congratulate Amos Byington as he has passed his final test and now is AG|CM’s sole Registered Architect (AIA)!!


East Texas has grown leaps and bounds in 3 years and I feel extremely excited to say with confidence we have our core talent that will be the building blocks to our future growth and success in the East Texas Region. We all come from diverse backgrounds from education, experience and business endeavors. But something has brought us together….

AG|CM men sitting on classic ibeam photo


The South Region’s personnel growth projections of 50% for the second quarter will instead occur more gradually throughout 2017, in light of information not previously known regarding the Del Mar College 2014 Bond Program schedule and scope of work, a welcome change. The South realized a 23% growth in personnel during the second quarter, as three new personnel were brought aboard. We are proud to announce that AG|CM’s original contract with Del Mar College was amended this quarter to include 8 additional projects valued at $39 million and full program management services, as opposed to the original contract for strictly quality assurance services on 3 projects valued at roughly $66 million. In addition, the Port of Corpus Christi amended our contract for the Nueces River Railyard Phase 2, extending our services for an additional 18 months. Average gross monthly revenues for the South increased 50% over the first quarter monthly average and have the potential to increase by an additional 22% in the third quarter. Our volume continues to increase in the South, but is projected to level off in the second half of 2017.

One of Manuel Hernandez’s projects, Navigation Blvd. from Up River Rd. to Leopard St., will come to completion this quarter as Tuloso Rd. from Up River Rd. to IH37 ramps up. Golihar Rd. replacement phases 1 and 2 have started and Bobby Barker is overseeing both. Robert Munoz is bringing the current Street Preventative Maintenance Program (SPMP) to a close and is starting up the next phase. Gene Perkins has been assigned additional projects for the City, inclusive of the two he is already overseeing, including but not limited to the new Park Road 22 Bridge, part of a very interesting multi-million dollar private development that is certain to change the face of north Padre Island. Mark Stein and Dan Parker have transferred to Del Mar College full time and have begun three new projects, the General Academic and Music Building ($46 mil), the Workforce Development Center ($15 mil) and the Emerging Technology Building Expansion ($8 mil), contractors are Bartlett Cocke and Weaver & Jacobs, respectively. As was anticipated and reported last quarter, the original scope of the Nueces River Railyard Project is in its last weeks of completion, and Saul Pompa will remain to inspect a new access Road recently added to the scope of the project.


The department continues to foster existing relationships throughout the regions resulting in opportunities on a weekly basis and at times even on a daily basis. As a result, below are a few major contracts and/or unique projects that have materialized over the last quarter. Most importantly, the task order driven contracts offer us the greatest opportunity to develop long lasting relationships with established clients. Additionally, we’ve teamed-up on various federal pursuits that will allow us to gain even more federal experience as a team. In short, the continued dedication and momentum from everyone is greatly appreciated as we continue into the second half of the year. Keep up the good work.

Awarded Contracts

  1. UT Austin On-Going Professional Services Contract for Cost Estimating
    • One year term with option to extend five (5) one-year contracts
  2. City of San Antonio On-Call Estimating
    • One year term with option to extend three (3) one-year contracts
  3. GSA National Architectural & Engineering Interiors IDIQ
    • Five (5) year contract
  4. Harberger Park Land Bridge with Rialto Studios
  5. San Antonio River Authority Westside Creek Trails with Pape-Dawson
  6. TDCJ Powledge Unit Roof Repair with Chesney Morales & Partners

Pending RFQ Submittals/Rankings

  1. Fort Bend ISD Capital Improvement Plan Assessment
  2. City of San Antonio 2017-2022 Bond Program
  3. Alamo Community College Masterplan

Employee Spotlight



Maricela Zapata is an aggressive young Construction Manager who has quickly learned to apply her knowledge of estimating and architectural technology to benefit the construction progress in the field. She interfaces on a daily basis with the contractor’s superintendents by overseeing the actual construction through field observations and inspections, as well as reviewing submittals, shop drawings, associated documentation and tracking RFI’s, ASI, etc.

AG|CM in the News

Beach to Bay Group of AG|CM employees


Congratulations to the Beach to Bay Relay AG|CM team, which placed 17th out of over 120 teams.




On 6-23-17, AG|CM Central Texas had our first ever “Field Trip” to Karnes City ISD. There, we enjoyed touring each of the facilities completed under their bond program with Sean Spyres guiding us.

Maricela Zapata LEED AP, CMIT


Congratulations to Mari Zapata on her CCM Certification this past April. Way to go Mari!

Project Spotlight | CENTRAL


In October 2014, AGCM was selected to manage the $124.9 Million Dollar Bond Program for Manor ISD. This program was staffed with Bob Farmer, Stephen Karp and Austin Anderson and has ramped up and down as the workload has changed with the project schedules. This program has included projects such as a remodel of the old Admin into a Career and Technology Center, District Wide Paving and Drainage, a New Elementary School (Lagos), a “New Tech” Middle School as well as a Senior High School. Our team was able to see the District through a number of poorly initiated plans and designs that predated our arrival, such as majorly insufficient budgets and unrealistic schedules and timeframes. In addition, there were a number of “shake-ups” in Manor administration which resulted in high district turnover and numerous district staff changes (from Superintendent on down), which even resulted in our own Bob Farmer acting as the temporary Facility Director. Despite all of these obstacles, Manor has been a successful program and is in its final stages, as Austin has completed Lagos Elementary School, Stephen is finishing up the New Tech Middle School and Bob nears completion on the Senior High.

Project Spotlight | SOUTH


Del Mar College, as part of the 2014 Bond Program, received bids on the new General Academic and Music Building project, which is proposed for the East (Main) Campus. The $46 million, 150,000 SF project consist of demolition of an existing English Building and construction of new music practice/performance, administrative office and general instruction spaces. The site is large and complex being in the center of a very active campus immediately adjacent to an existing music building where student sessions are recorded, consuming part of the existing central grand plaza and including construction of a new main plaza. As such site infrastructure (utility and communications relocations) and site improvements (5,000 + new plants, a few acres of sod and irrigation, thousands of square feet of terraced paver areas) are extensive. The design and layout are complex, sound attenuation assemblies are numerous and the level of finish and quality of materials specified are high by community college standards. The project was awarded in Budget. AG|CM performed a thorough constructability and plan review during the latter stages of design, pro bono, resulting in a number of improvements to the bid documents. This is the 5th of 13 projects making up Del Mar’s 2014 bond program to be issued for bid and the 5th to bid in budget. AG|CM is under contract to the College to manage this project, and Mark Stein will be the Construction Manager.

Project Spotlight | EAST


With Fort bend County being one of the fastest growing counties in the Texas area, the Justice Center was in need to expand with the population demand. When comparing data from the 2010 Census to estimates taken in 2015, Fort Bend has increased its population by 21.25%. As part of a second phase of expansion, a new 3 story administration building connected to an existing Fort Bend County Justice Center is being constructed. The final construction of the expansion will be a total of 98,692 square feet at a cost of $20.5M. The project started in March 2017, and will continue through July 2018.

Alex Zetusky is providing project management services for the Project.

Project Spotlight | PRECONSTRUCTION


This elementary is the third of five to be built for the bond program at approximately 95,000 SF and designed to accommodate 750 students. A unique challenge to the district was introducing a new prototype design to increase student interaction with interior collaboration areas and adjacent learning courtyards. The estimating team was involved extensively throughout design development and construction documents with value engineering and constructability review. One such item involving a slight change to the structural steel layout and member size resulted in approximately $350k in savings. The project bid on April 27th with 3 acceptable bidders ranging from $19.7 to $20 million. Most importantly, AG|CM’S last 95%CD estimate fell within 2% of the bid average. The construction start is scheduled for May 2017 and completion in July 2018.

HR Minute


Making It Work – Baby Bommers and Millennials

In 2016, the workforce was supposed to go through a seismic change as about 3.6 million Baby Boomers were getting ready for retirement, while one-fourth of the Millennial workers took on management roles, and Generation Z employees started to enter the workplace. However, the Baby Boomers did not leave. The instability of the financial system in the last decade, and its effect on the Baby Boomers personal savings and retirement accounts, kept them in the work force.

Employers more than likely recall the impact that Millennials brought to the workplace due to their dramatically different perspectives about work. That adjustment is about to be magnified as Generation Z, who in many ways appears to be an exaggerated version of the Millennial cohort, will radically alter the workplace. With Baby Boomers working well into their 70’s, employers will need to come up with creative ways to manage Millennials working with Baby Boomers, two generation groups that think very differently about employment.

Depending on the source, ages in the different generation groups vary, but are pretty much as follows: 

Baby Boomers – ages 51 to 69 – born from 1966 to 1948
Generation X – ages 35 to 50 – born from 1982 to 1967
Generation Y* – ages 18 to 34 – born from 1999 to 1983
Generation Z – < 18 years of age – born 2000
*Also known as the Millennials

AG|CM’s generational breakdown matches the nation’s closely. The youngest employee is 23 years old, the oldest is 69, and the average age is 47.8. There are 9 Millennials (18%), 16 Generation X (31%), and 26 Baby Boomers (51%). To continue to succeed, AG|CM, like many other employers, will have to determine what each group needs and wants, and what each has to give in return. 

From extensive studies, we know that Millennials work incredibly hard, have an intense focus, and can work long hours, but only if they are motivated. They intuitively understand technology, they are idealistic, and they want mentors who can guide them, and explain what mistakes to avoid maximizing their progress and contributions. In some cases, Millennials are known to be hard for older generations to work with.

On the other hand, Baby Boomers’ energy is experience. They have the intangible wisdom that comes from decades of forming and living through relationships, projects, and experience. Baby Boomers want to feel like they have a direct and tangible way to give back, and pass along the things they have learned. In many cases, Baby Boomers take a back seat to the Millennials when it comes to technology, how it works, and its possibilities. 

Having these two groups working together is a dream come true. Some structure to the relationship needs to be developed, but that will not be difficult. Employers should expect, among other things, communication about “everything,” and two-way teaching and learning. Employers will need to be prepared with new insights, attitudes, and expectations of Millennials and Generation Z to put tailored programs into place in order to recruit, engage, and retain valuable workers. 

To be successful, employers will need to implement workplace processes and programs that include collaboration, career advancement, financial stability, technology, managerial training, and work/life balance.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas on processes and programs for AG|CM Baby Boomer/Millennial teams, let us know. We want to hear from you.

Koloc, Nathaniel. Why Baby Boomers and Millennials Make Great Teams, 99u Magazine.
Ranstad – Employee Placement Services.
Future Workplace – HR Executive Network and Research Firm.

Employee Anniversaries



Stephen Karp, Jr.

Construction Manager


Kenneth W. Polasek

Executive Vice President – Business Dev.


Manuel J. Hernandez

Construction Manager


Heather Mendez CCP

Senior Estimator


Chris Shull

Assistant Construction Manager



Mark Stein

Construction Manager / Inspector


Austin Anderson, CMIT

Assistant Construction Manager


Nick Tuttle, CCM

Construction Manager

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