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Mark Stein

Senior Construction Manager

Joined AG|CM in 2008

Mark Stein possesses over thirty (30) years of industry experience in the residential, commercial, industrial and civil construction sectors.  Exceptionally rare in the industry, he is equally adept across multiple industry sectors and in multiple construction disciplines.  He’s operated extensively as both building contractor and owner’s representative.  Mark has served successfully as both Quality Assurance Inspector and Construction Manager on projects as diverse as they are numerous, including public buildings, private development, hotels, K-12 facilities, railroad, roadwork, higher education facilities, office buildings, public utilities, pipelines, marine structures and many others.  He has extensive experience with means, methods, techniques, sequences, various types of assemblies, pay applications and critical path method (CPM) schedule development.  Combined with his building contractor experience, this diversity of exposure as owner’s representative provides for a full, well-rounded perspective of the entire construction process, enabling Mark to foresee many common challenges on the horizon, and to address them with the Project Delivery Team (PDT) proactively before they become problems and to promote on-time, on-budget and on-quality project delivery.  Mark is quality and management focused. He insists on a proactive methodology to quality control and construction management and strives to ensure advanced activity and discipline coordination. He is certified in Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C) through the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Mr. Stein is responsible to provide construction leadership and perform administration and management within a defined scope of services from start of construction through startup and occupancy.  He provides guidance on project-related activities and serves as the lead for the PDT consisting of the Owner, Architect/Engineer and Contractor.  Through hands on coordination with the PDT, he acts in the interest of the Owner as agent and/or advisor.  He is responsible to interpret plans and specifications, for Construction Quality Assurance services providing on-site observation and inspection of materials, structures, equipment, workmanship, methods used and performance by the Contractor, to verify that the project is constructed in compliance with the Construction Documents.  Mark serves as supervisor and/or mentor to Assistant Construction Manager(s), Inspector(s) and/or other technical or administrative personnel specifically assigned to his projects.