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Nick Martinez

Estimator in Training

Joined AG|CM in 2019.

Nick grew up in the surrounding towns of Corpus Christi working on a small family ranch tending to animals, landscaping, and doing small construction and repair work. He had most of the responsibility to maintain the ranch so it was important that he ensured every task to completion. He would have tasks such as building fencing and building walk-in chicken coops with metal roofing.

As a member of his local Boy Scouts of America troop, Nick decided to become more involved as a leader, which gave him a basis for leadership training. With his small background in construction and the leadership skills he learned in the Boy Scouts of America, while in college, he ran for and maintained multiple roles in a renowned engineering club at TAMUK for a few years until graduation. He organized events for this club, which helped him lead a majority of the club to a few national conferences. It was at these conferences that he met individuals from large corporations like John Deere, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and more, which gave him a glimpse of the professional world that he wanted to be a part of. With this new experience, it led him to seek similar companies closer to home. Nick graduated from Texas A&M University Kingsville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management and Applied Engineering Technology and a Business Administration Minor with a Certificate of Construction Management.

As an Estimator in Training, Nick is responsible for assisting the Senior Estimator by reading the project stages design drawings and providing detailed quantity take off of all disciplines in an organized manner to deliver an accurate estimate to the customer. He also assists the Senior Estimators by completing quality control checks on any final deliverable documentation and then delivering that information to the customer.