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Seth Thompson, CPSM

Business Development Manager East Texas Region

Joined AG|CM in 2007.

Seth began working for AG|CM as an intern in the Cost Estimating Department in 2007. There he learned to read construction documents, conduct material quantity surveys, and assist in developing cost estimates on large construction projects. Additionally, he assisted with IT support and marketing efforts. In February 2008, he was offered a full-time position as Cost Estimator/Marketing Assistant/IT Manager – he wore many hats!

Over the next few years, Seth learned about the design and construction process, began building relationships within the industry, and started creating marketing materials for the firm. In 2009, AG|CM enrolled him in the MBA program at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. He worked during the day, went to school at night, and drove to Houston on the weekends to see his girlfriend (now wife). He graduated with a 4.0 in August 2011.

During his visits to Houston, Seth observed the diverse and growing markets of the metropolitan area and saw a wealth of opportunities for AG|CM. He was a vocal proponent of opening a Houston office and burned up the highway between Corpus Christi and Houston trying to find the company’s first project. By September 2011, he had secured AG|CM’s first client in Houston and was given the green light to make the move.

Seth is now the Business Development Manager for the East Texas Region. His responsibilities include seeking business opportunities in the Greater Houston metropolitan area, managing the development of marketing materials, and implementing AG|CM’s business development strategy. He identifies and develops relationships with potential clients and teaming partners and relies on his experience and creativity to plan and accomplish goals. Furthermore, he assists the Regional Vice President in providing any needed resources and/or support to field personnel. He is certified in Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C) through the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).