CHRISTUS Spohn Health System: Critical Care Tower

  • Location

    Corpus Christi, TX

  • Services

    Program Management, Construction Management

  • Project Description

    Major 3-year Expansion and rehabilitation program

  • Client

    CHRISTUS Spohn Health System

  • Cost

    $37 Million

Project Scope

CHRISTUS Spohn Health System’s three-year expansion and rehabilitation program includes area clinics, university-level teaching hospital facilities, a nursing college, three medical office towers and supporting facilities. The program also includes two multi-level parking garages, as well as a variety of renovation and expansion projects.

The new Critical Care Tower incorporates a new Emergency Department, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Telemetry Units and Radiology Department. The new facility provides capacity for 183 private rooms , with seven floors fully built out and functional, and two shell floors for future expansion.


Services Provided

AG|CM assumed the leadership role in managing, planning and construction of the project. AG|CM’s services began with participating in the AE selections through construction, including:

Developing and managing a comprehensive schedule for the design, acquisition and construction phases to include detailed cost projections to assist senior management in determining bond sales, utility fee adjustments and program execution;

Developing and providing detailed research packets to the selected consultants; base maps, master plans, as-built plans and reports to define the project scope and budget;

Performing detailed AE contract scoping, fee analysis, schedule and oversight of the design contracts;

Coordinating and managing all meeting with operations departments and outside agencies to ensure the successful scope and regulatory compliance;

Participating in public meetings to gain input and support of the City officials and public at large.

AG|CM also did a complete re-evaluation of the architectural layout and functions by department, made revisions needed to enhance functionality and efficiency of operations and maintained extensive interface with all client users starting with the redesign.