CHRISTUS Spohn Health System: VARIOUS

  • Location

    Corpus Chrsiti, Tx

  • Services

    Program Management, Construction Management

  • Project Description

    Major 3-year Expansion and rehabilitation program

  • Client

    CHRISTUS Spohn Health System

  • Cost


Project Scope

AG|CM was tasked with managing multiple “smaller” projects within the Christus Spohn System, at the same time many of the larger projects were taking place.  Though these projects were smaller in cost perhaps than their counterparts, they were not smaller in scope or management requirements, as many were remodel projects within active units.  These projects required extremely close coordination with multiple areas including hospital management, floor/nursing staff, multiple inspection/licensing entities as well as infectious control, to name only a few.  Projects included:

Spohn 1714 Remodel Project Manager $150,000.00
Spohn Systems Parking Lot Project Manager $171,000.00
Spohn Alice Angio Lab Project Manager $2,000,000.00
Spohn Alice Nuclear Lab Project Manager $7,000.00
Spohn Memorial 8th ARU Project Manager $1,000,000.00
Spohn Memorial Gero-Psych Project Manager $350,000.00
Spohn Memorial Entry Design Coordination $5,000,000.00
Spohn Rockport Medical Complex Design Coordination $10,000,000.00
Spohn South NICU Renovation Project Manager $1,000,000.00



Services Provided

Services were primarily full range construction and project management of each project.  This included assisting with selection of appropriate design teams, reviewing documents for potential construct-ability/cost issues, assisting with selection of contractors, and full management of submittals, RFI’s, Change Orders, etc.   Two of the projects above, Rockport Medical Complex and Memorial Entry, opted not to move forward due to funding issues, but the designs were completed and shelved for future consideration.