Courtyard Marriott-Cypress

  • Location

    East Texas Region – Cypress TX

  • Services

    Quality Assurance

  • Project Description

    Providing Construction Q/A and Draw Validation inspection services for American Bank and Cypress Hospitality Group, LP, in the construction of a Courtyard Marriott in Cypress, Texas, near the intersection of Barker-Cypress Road, and SH-290.

  • Client

    Cypress Hospitality Group, LP

  • Cost


AG|CM has been selected to conduct Draw Validation and Quality Assurance.

JC Framing erected the building, Acme Roofing is working on completing the roof and the over hangs to the building and the roof is at approximate 98% percent complete. Pro – Tec fire protection company is working on the HVAC installation in the building. IG Electrical is working the installation of the receptacle boxes and the PVC nonmetallic tubing in the building. The insulation crew is about two to three weeks out from being on site. The building concrete foundation is at 95 % percent complete there are repairs that are still needed in the building foundation, we have low and high spots. The title company when on site will do the repairs before the tile goes in. The parking lot is 98% percent complete, Reising is working with the City of Houston to have them relocate a fire hydrant that is in the way of the parking lot, fees are paid just waiting on the City to relocate fire hydrant.