PCC Nueces River Rail Yard Phase 2 Rail Yard

  • Location

    Corpus Christi

  • Services

    Construction Management & Inspection

  • Project Description

    Coordination between owner and contractor, running progress meetings and preconstruction meetings, time management, cost management, processing payment requests, processing change orders, quality management, acceptance and performance testing, final inspection, maintenance of record drawings, document control.

  • Client

    Port of Corpus Christi Authority (PCC)

  • Cost


The Base Bid consists of the expansion of an existing operating rail interchange yard with the additional construction of seven track yard totaling approximately 55,000 track feet of new railroad including 33 crossings and turnouts, a 20’ wide service road approximately 10,300 feet long, pavement markings and signage, wick drains, surcharge, drainage infrastructure, site work and SWPPP. Additive Bid Item #1 consists of the construction of a 24-foot-wide, 5,200 feet long HMAC levee road extension, storm drains, pavement markings and signage. Additive Bid Item #2 consists of the construction of 4,800 track feet of rail extension and two turnouts, subsurface drainage, embankment and sub-ballast. Additional work not included in the original contract includes the relocation of an 1,800-foot levee road and the addition of a temporary channel crossing.