Integrity | Professionalism | Leadership | Loyalty

AG|CM is a practitioner of the principles of Construction Management as defined by the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) and as outlined in the Owner’s Guide for Construction Management. AG|CM is determined to provide preconstruction and construction consulting services of unmatched value through our timeless commitment to integrity, professionalism, leadership and loyalty.


Throughout the design and construction process AG|CM professionals take responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the client’s interests by providing the most professional and ethical services available. AG|CM is fair, honest, open and consistent with every member of the project team and customer focused to ensure success in the construction management.


AG|CM’s greatest strength is our staff of well-educated, highly experienced, responsible personnel who are respected for their broad, diverse backgrounds in all types of estimating and construction and facilities engineering. We are committed to recruiting, developing, motivating, rewarding and retaining personnel of the highest quality.


The core of AG|CM’s management philosophy is taking responsibility. Our project managers make decisions and direct action to deliver projects according to the scope, schedule and budget dictated by the client.


At AG|CM, we believe that in order to be effective, a sincere and honest relationship with a client is integral, and we take responsibility for establishing this rapport at the very beginning of every project. Combined with a shared philosophy and AG|CM’s unique style of project management, our team has generated a symbiotic loyal relationship with our clients.